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Meds in MotionThis workshop will introduce attendees to the process
of how medications work in the body (pharmacodynamics)
and what happens when medications interact with each other.
Interprofessional Healthcare Team DynamicsExplore how different members of the healthcare
team work together to provide patient-centered healthcare.
No recording available
Personal Statement WorkshopWorkshop will discuss how to write a personal statement including
good things to include, what to avoid, and examples of good
and bad personal statements.
No recording available
Shark Bites and Lawn Mowers and Bunions, Oh My!The usual and unusual cases that a podiatric surgeon deals with.
This workshop will feature photos and a lecture on some of the
cool cases that a podiatrist sees and discuss why podiatric medicine is one
of the hidden gems of health care.
How to make your application to medical school stand outWith over 60,000 applicants to medical school annually how
does an application stand out? Join us in this workshop to get
an admissions office perspective on the application review process.
We will talk about all parts of the application and give you
practical advice on how to present yourself in the best light.
We will talk about how to help us meet the “You” on paper that you want us to meet.
no recording available
Overview of the Texas A&M College of MedicineFounded by the Teague-Cranston Act, Texas A&M University College of Medicine was created to serve the underserved
populations of Texas with the core values of Texas A&M University.
Today, we are leading the way for 21st century medicine through research,
clinical care, medical education, community impact and innovation. We will provide an overview of the areas of excellence and the priorities of the
College of Medicine and discuss the admissions evaluation
and selection process.
No recording available
Manual dexterity/PAT/ pt case with current UMN SOD D4sTwo current dental students, Hannah and Kishore, will lead pre-dental students
through a variety of activities including a patient case presentation, paper folding (bring your own paper), soap carving (bring your own soap
and knife – be careful!), and two exercises to help with the PAT section of the
DAT (lock & key; painted cubes).
No recording available
How to Choose from 140 Pharmacy SchoolsA comprehensive guide to help you choose between the many options that exist right now for pharmacy schools.
What should you look for in a school? What are some key things to keep in mind?
No recording available
Chat with UC San Francisco School of DentistryHear from the admissions office and current students from the
UC San Francisco School of Dentistry. We will review life in San Francisco, what
UCSF has to offer, and general tips to strengthen yourself as a dental applicant.
No recording available

As these workshops are school hosted, we have no control over the recordings or their qualities.